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Chen Song

New Product

Touch Panel


I have been working in CN Innovations for more than 4 years and I was surprised how fast the time goes by. Looking back over the past of more than fourteen hundred day and night, my heart is still filled with excitement.

I remember when I first came to CN Innovations after graduation, it was the time of financial crisis which most of the enterprises facing difficulties striking to survive. Surprisingly, even during the global economy downturn, CN Innovations was still expanding rapidly that really impressed me. From that moment, as a fresh graduate, I believe CN Innovations would be a great platform for promising personal growth and career development and I decided to dedicate myself to CN Innovations.

Self-awareness, self-positioning, and self precipitation

Li Jin Yu






I have been working in CN Innovations for almost five years which I have been changed and gained a lot.

Five years after graduation

Luo Yong

New Product Development

Glass Business Unit


I was graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology major in Material Science in 2009 and it was my pleasure to join the CN Innovations. During the past five years working in the Product Development Department of Pinghu Branch of Vitalink, I have been gradually taking up more responsibility from following up the minor issue of projects to now I am capable of managing the whole project.