Trainees in this accelerated management development program are given unique opportunities to understand how CNI operates regionally and to work closely with internal and external clients and the potential ones are also groomed to assume management positions within three to five years.

What we offer:

Ongoing learning and development

Graduate trainees participating in this program are exposed to different electronics disciplines through job rotations and specific assignments to develop relevant skills. Through these projects graduates benefit from interaction with seasoned professionals at CNI and develop critical problem solving, project management and client relationship management skills.

Through this program, trainees can:

  • Gain an understanding of how CNI operates and acquire well rounded experience across multiple business disciplines
  • Develop an understanding of the CNI's organizational culture and build positive relationships with colleagues
  • Obtain relevant technical knowledge and experience in self-development
  • Have the opportunity of a long-term career at CNI

Feedback and accomplishments:

Graduates receive intensive coaching and ongoing feedback from appointed mentors, peers, managers and internal business partners. There is also self-assessment during and after the training period as part of a process to help establish career aspirations and identity a career development plan within CNI.